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DeCentre Blockchain Caffe

Blockchain Caffe

Decentralization, comes from the French expression [decentre] which is the basis of Blockchain. Made up of the image of [centre] and the meaning of [decentral]. It is the space where people who sympathize decentralization, which is the philosophy of Blockchains and Cryptocurrency.


A space to receive information and solve exuberant questions regarding Blockchains. Effective and useful space, no matter who you may come with. We will provide payment in cryptocurrency, exchange, ATM withdrawal and offline P2P transactions. Information services such as cryptocurrency prices, news, displays of ICO information and meet-up events.

Coin Presso

· Real-time ticker information for major coins
· Information on trading ranks of major exchanges
· News content about cryptocurrency
· Provide ICO, how to participate, and related materials
· Share a variety of cryptocurrency posts within the Decentre Café

CoinPresso – provides real-time cryptocurrency information

Round Robin C2C COIN Exchange

· C2C cryptocurrency exchange
· Functions to secure private transactions between non-listed coins and tokens.
· Creating a free trading environment, regardless of restrictions on the use of exchanges
· Provide safe trading environment with KRW and Crypto currencies escrow services
· Expanded to offline exchange services in connection using Decentre Café

Round Robin – Private cryptocurrency transaction exchange.

DeCentre Biweekly Magazine

· Key news and information for cryptocurrency
· Provides interviews with prospective companies(representatives, developers, etc.)
· Blockchain industry trend
· ICO information

Decentre Magazine – a bi-weekly cryptocurrency magazine