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About Company

Founded in 2018, DeCentre is public relations agency focusing on the blockchain businesses.

Decentre is a block-chained business professional group, Marketing strategy, presales, ICO and global PR leading to the creation of synergies through Blockchain related businesses.
We are one step ahead. Everyone can, but not anyone should.
We will be a highway to success for your blockchain business group.



– Decentralized : Decentralization, means the dispersion of Blockchains
– Decentre expresses the meaning of dispersion and central(gathering place)
– It is the space where people who sympathize decentralization, which is the philosophy of Blockchains and Cryptocurrency.

Company DeCentre co., Ltd
Founder David Lee
Established 2018. 01
Business Areas - Global Marketing & Advispry
- Branding, Development Websites & Applications, Consulting
- Services in Blockchain Technology


Leading capital and investment markets into new Blockchain businesses.
Supports investors and participants for Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO

Core Competency

Blockchain Advisory

Blockchain Advisory

Create business based on blockchain technology to realize value for both customers and participants

Global Marketing Platform

Global Marketing Platform

Global marketing platform and networking for successful ICO, research operation

ICO Fund Management

ICO Fund Management

Find a promising block-chain technology company and conduct systematic development through Crowdfund and ICO.


Global Marketing Division

· ICO Global Marketing
· SNS Community Management
· Global PR
· Global Media Mix
· Arrange Meet-ups & Conferences

Service Division

· CoinPresso : Crypto information site
· RoundRobin : C2C Exchange
· Decentre Magazine Crypto Papers Magazine

New Asset Strategy Division

· Manage ICO Funds
· Manage Private Funds
· Manage Pre-sale Funds
· Manage Cryptocurrency Trading

F&B Division

· Operate Decentre Café
· Decentre Café Franchise Business
· Display Ads
· Offline Ads


Decentre's creative team of experts provides practical, hands-on advice on the up-and-coming blockchain industry. Our team includes IT professionals, journalists, public relations experts, high-tech enthusiasts, investment experts, community experts, and global business experts.

David Lee

David Lee


Mike Noh

Mike Noh


GyeSun Jang

GyeSun Jang